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"Frequently Asked Questions"

Once a booking is completed no refunds are provided by The LCN Firm. All businesses have a right to implement their own refund policy. All customers who wish to request a refund,
must contact the business directly. The LCN Firm does not and will not engage in any disputes regarding any refunds. Each refund inquiry requested by the customer has to be discussed
directly with the business. All refund inquires are handled by the business at their own discretion according to their own refund policies. Every business has the right to be
compensated for the time that was reserved. If you do not cancel or reschedule in a timely manner, you will be preventing the business from filling that time slot with another potential
customer, please be considerate. The return policy of each business should be checked before
making an appointment.

For Example: some industry professionals impose no-shows and cancellations at a 50% of the cost, while others do not give refunds at all. Instead, some businesses would encourage the
customer to reschedule. We strive not to get involved in the politics of refunding, so please make sure you understand their policies when dealing with each company.

The LCN App offers an instant messaging, voice, and video calling feature to make communication between customers and businesses as user-friendly and convenient as possible. It also offers an advanced integrated GPS and navigation technology to help the customer or the business navigate to their appointments seamlessly. It offers a secure user-friendly checkout experience.

You can pay with your credit or debit card or you can use your preferred digital mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google pay amongst others, to safely complete your check out with ease. Want a more secure, user-friendly, and advanced experience? Just activate your face ID or fingerprint biometrics option in your profile. An advanced biometrics system is fully integrated and is available to securely log on to the app and, can also be used to authorize your final purchase at check out.


Would you like to leave some feedback?


You can rate your service, leave a comment, upload a photo or simply take a selfie of the service you just received and post it in your status stories.

The LCN App is available across the United States, Canada, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Expanding to other countries is currently being developed. We will offer more information as our
plans unfold. 

You have an easy view of your daily, weekly and monthly schedule to ensure that your business is organized. You can monitor your staff and their schedules.


Instant payouts allow the business to quickly cash out for all services whenever it is convenient to them! The video, voice, and chatting features also allow the business to conduct quick consultations and remain in contact with their customers all in one place. The advanced GPS system also allows businesses, freelancers, service providers, etc. to navigate to their appointments with ease.


This GPS system also allows you to easily see where your next customer is so that you can
anticipate their arrival time.

All messages are secured using an End-to-End Encryption (Only Sender and Recipient can read the messages). This means that only the two people engaged in that conversation can see the chat history. In no way can any app administrators locate or see any chat history between the users because this will violate your privacy rights.

The LCN business app and the customer app are both available in iOS and Android format. The LCN app is available on the App Store for Apple users and in the Google play store for Android users for download.

If you need to contact our support team please feel free to email us at support@lcnfirm.com. We will be more than happy to assist you.


For all terms and privacy policies please refer to the terms and privacy policies page on the LCN website.